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I am currently studying for an MSc in Food, Nutrition & Health.

I have always been interested in nutrition, but this interest grew exponentially after I lost both parents and a sister to chronic diseases.

In the aftermath of these loses, I started thinking what can I do to prevent these diseases happening to me? Is it genetic? Does food matter? What is healthy food? Is illness my destiny?

These questions slowly turned into an obsession. I have literally spent the last 5 years of my life reading every nutritional publication known to man. And the more I read, the more I couldn’t believe my eyes. The science is clear, heart disease can be prevented and reversed with diet. The same applies to diabetes, cancers, arthritis and many, many other conditions.

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking rubbish. If this were true I would have heard about this. My doctor would have told me. Well let’s put this theory to the test…

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, had such severe heart disease that he required two heart bypass surgeries. After the second operation, his arteries continued to clog. His life was in that much of a perilous situation that his doctors told him to “get his affairs in order”. In other words, they could do no more for him. So here we have a man with access to the best medical doctors in the world and he was told that there was no medication or operation that could help him.

Luckily for the former president, he is an inquisitive man. He didn’t take things at face value. He began to do his own research and turned his life around.

Today, Bill Clinton is one of the many people who is reversing or has reversed heart disease through dietary change. So my question to you: If a president didn’t know that these techniques were available how would you? The answer is that you wouldn’t. Not unless you looked for the information.

It’s for this reason that I started Goji Man Nutrition. I wanted a platform where I could share information and make nutritional science easy to understand. A platform that offers advice in treating and reversing chronic diseases. A platform that gives people the knowledge to be able to regain their health. A platform that is free- knowledge and health shouldn’t cost you anything!

Your journey starts right here. And remember, your body is the only place you have to live, don’t trash it!

I hope you enjoy the site,

Goji Man

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