Only a small percentage of people have bad luck when it comes to their health. There are only approx 5% of people who have a genetic disposition to develop diseases from their inherited genes. For the rest of us, the luck is created by what you eat and what chemicals you expose yourself to. Period!


I often hear “oh well, it runs in my family so there is little I can do about it”. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with their poor nutritional choices, lack of exercise and the skin creams and lotions they plaster all over their bodies? Nope, we will just sweep all of this under the carpet and pass the responsibility on to someone else.


We have known for the last 20 years of the ability that plant based diets can have in preventing and reversing many of today’s leading diseases. The issue is the lack of education. Lots of studies have demonstrated how widespread this problem is. For example, this study by the American Institute demonstrated that less than 50% of people were aware that you can dramatically reduce your chances of ever developing cancer simply by eating a largely plant based diet. And the same lack of education/knowledge can been seen with the links between red meats and colorectal cancers. The evidence is beyond question, yet still less than 35% of those surveyed were aware of the associated risks between eating hot dogs and bacon and developing cancer.


All the time the media, healthcare organisations and governments fail to provide clear information people will continue to die unnecessarily. Heart disease can be prevented and reversed with dietary changes. Dr Dean Ornish has shown this for decades. Cancers can be prevented and in some cases reversed with plant based diets. Similar pictures can be painted with strokes, dementia, diabetes etc etc. The information maybe muddied at times by poor decisions from the media and governments, but the science is very clear.


Here are just a few of the leading studies that have been produced in the last 6 months that demonstrate how powerful diets can be for preventing and reversing disease:



Are these studies just good luck? Is it luck that populations such as Japan who primarily eat plant based diets and have dramatically lower disease rates? Is it luck that more and more people are reversing serious illnesses with dietary changes? The answer is an overwhelming no. For the vast majority of people there is no such thing as bad luck and poor health. There are only poor uneducated decisions. Luckily, by educating and empowering yourself you can take ownership and responsibility of your health and influence your own destiny. It’s as simple as loading your plate with nuts, beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits and legumes!



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